Smooth Shave Cream for Him

Product Description

Upgrade his shave! Formulated to give a comfortable, rash-free shave anywhere on the body. Our Smooth shave cream shields the skin from razor friction, conditions and softens even the coarsest body hair for a smooth & sexy shave. Pheromone infused for maximum male magnetism! Contains Jojoba Seed Oil for skin lubricating and moisturizing. Panthenal Pro-Vitamin B5 nutrient for skin. Allantoin anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant. Hydrolyzed Hair Keratin protein to condition, helps to prevent shave bumps and ingrown hairs. Combines wood notes with luscious green vine and rosemary to provide a hint of peppery savor. Gentle bamboo fragrance (Note, when men groom the area around "the boys" it makes the area look larger!). 4 oz.

$ 10.00

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